Heated Gutter Panel Video

When you have major Ice Dams in the gutters but don’t have a lot of leaves and debris, Gutter Heat Panels are a great alternative. Here are some of the features and benefits:

  1. Powered by NuHeat Self Regulating  Heat Cable to provide Safe, Reliable, Low Cost Perfomance.
  2. Made from Extruded Aluminum to provide great Heat Transfer with Long Lasting Durability.
  3. Heat Cable Embedded in the Aluminum Extrusion and Covered with Durable Paclad to Persevere the Integrity of the Wire for Years.
  4. Low 10 Watts per foot to Reduce the Seasonal Cost of Operations
  5. Variety of Operation Capabilities – Heat Moisture Sensors, Thermostats or Simple On/Off Switch
  6. Safe Operation – GFCI protection plus UL/CSA approvals.





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