GutterGlove-Consumers Reports Highest Rated Product

Finally, a non-profit organization has tested and reported on the top professional and diy gutters guards. Results – Surface tensions Gutter Guards allow debris in and do not work well in heavy rains and the foam inserts install easily, but perform poorly when it comes to keeping debris out. The Micro Screen Systems are the winners with Gutterglove getting the highest rating. Micro screen systems work based on capillary action and filter out even the smallest of debris. The 16 month test also show Gutterglove worked best to keep debris from collecting on the screen..

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Gutters and downspouts clogged? Constantly cleaning your gutters? Have water damage to the foundation or your basement? Do you need a Gutter Guard to eliminate the problem but don’t know which one to choose? Well, you are not alone! There are dozens to choose from and all claim to “Keep Out Debris”.  Getting the right one can be a frustrating, and in some cases a very costly experience.

Pine Needles

So making the right decision the first time not only can eliminate the problem but save you money in the long run. To do it right, however, means you need to do some research and pick the right gutter protection system for your particular circumstances. You also need to consider the reputation of the local dealer/supplier. Even the best product can fail if it’s not installed properly.

There are basically four different types of gutter guards: Micro Mesh, Reverse Curve, Foam/Brush, and Metal/Plastic Screens and each one will perform differently in different environments. For example, a reverse curve gutter cover will not perform well with pine needles, helicopters, or other small debris and the inexpensive metal and plastic gutter screens are only good for temporary protection.

Reverse Curve

So, how do you make the right decision? Here are some factors to consider: The type of gutter guard and how it works, what it’s made of and how durable it will it be over the long term, the type of trees and debris around your home, how close they are to your home, the overall cost of the product with installation, and the reputation of the company you are going to hire.

Over the next few weeks we will consider each of these factors with real life experiences to help you make an informed decision. In our next article we will discuss Micro Mesh Gutter Guards, how they work and how they compare to other Gutter Guards.

It’s finally time to announce the new concept I invented for a different way to install a gutter guard. It’s using a double sided acrylic vinyl automotive tape. Installs in 30% less time! Check out video below:

First of all, let’s go over the two standard ways to install a gutter guard. You have the standard screw-in gutter guards and the snap-in gutter guards.
Using screws to install a gutter guard can be clumsy and requires a drill. Using a gutter guard profile that has a ‘snap-in’ feature to connect the gutter guard to a gutter is not reliable and can cause many problems down the road. Below are photos of snap-in gutter guards.
Plastic diamond-hole snap-in gutter guard like in the photos above:
This inexpensive gutter guard can be purchased at most hardware stores. It’s tempting for a hardware store buyer to purchase it because of the low price, but it doesn’t perform well at all. Our Gutterglove Dealers throughout North America have removed over 50,000 feet of this type of plastic snap-in gutter guard since 2005 to re-install with Gutterglove Gutter Guard. On the photo to the far right, you can see how the plastic snapping feature failed. Over a period of time, this can happen to most any plastic snap-in gutter guard.
Expanded aluminum roll snap-in gutter guard in photos above:
Often collapses with weight of leaves. Connection system to the ‘underside’ of the front lip of the gutter often is unreliable and slips out. This type of gutter guard ‘tries’ to adhere under the roof shingles, but because of the poor design, it has no support and collapses.

The popular Ramco snap-in gutter guard (it’s only popular because it’s innexpensive):
You can see the snap-in connection point on the front lip of the gutter is not secure at all and Ramco collapses in the gutter.

Expanded steel sections of snap-in gutter guard:
Similar to the aluminum, but this manufacturer thought they would use a stronger metal (steel), but as you can see, they have the same problems. Connection system to the ‘underside’ of the front lip of the gutter is still very unreliable and becomes a collection area for debris. This type of gutter guard ‘tries’ to rest on top of the gutter support brackets, but this is an unreliable form of support as well.
Tape-On Method:
The double sided, rugged, durable automotive adhesive tape is a medium-density, acrylic foam tape with high performance acrylic adhesives which makes it a perfect fit for connecting LeafBlaster to the front lip of a gutter. The acrylic foam tape is characterized by high performance peel and shear adhesion to many automotive, substrates, high internal strength, good conformability and excellent plasticizer resistance.
Typical automotive applications include body side moldings, rocker panels moldings, auto manufacture logos, and claddings, wheel lip moldings, luggage rack slats, wind and rain deflectors, and lightweight rear spoilers.

The rain deflector on the window of the truck on the photo on the left above, was installed in 1999, and this photo was taken in 2011. The truck had over 180,000 miles on it. This tape was exposed to wind, rain, snow and extreme heat conditions, and this plastic rain deflector is just as secure as the day it was installed 12 years ago.

Ford uses this type of tape to adhere it’s plastic logos to the outside of their trucks.

10 Reasons to Use Tape
1. No rust or surface deterioration where LeafBlaster is taped to the top of the front lip of the gutter. Acrylic foam tape use eliminates the concern for rust development and surface deterioration because it requires no drilling.
2. Preserved roof warranties. Roof warranties are often considered void when gutter guards are screwed through their roof shingles with screws. Acrylic foam tape provides field-proven adhesion for many applications without drilling.
3. No holes to patch in the gutter. Sometimes a homeowner may choose to remove a portion of LeafBlaster for whatever reason. By using acrylic foam tape, there is no need to fill holes and repaint surfaces if LeafBlaster ever needed to be removed.
4. No part loosening and vibration. Snap-in gutter guards can loosen, shift and collapse over time. When properly applied, acrylic foam tape provides a reliable, permanent bond.
5. Less labor-intensive installation of LeafBlaster. The use of acrylic foam tape eliminates several steps in the installation process, requiring no screws and less labor by the homeowner.
6. Unique stress relaxation properties. The stress relaxation properties of the tape’s foam core allow it to expand and contract with temperature changes and to compensate for some gutter-to-roof fit mismatch scenarios. The stress forces of our application of LeafBlaster attached to the gutter is not concentrated at the adhesive bond line, but rather dissipated throughout the foam core, providing excellent long-term performance.
7. Viscoelasticity. The acrylic foam tape is viscoelastic, meaning it acts as both a liquid (viscous) and a solid(elastic) at the same time. In its viscous (liquid) state, it flows into microscopic surface irregularities to establish a strong adhesive bond. The elastic (solid) properties provide the internal or cohesive strength necessary to maintain the bond. These viscoelastic properties also contribute to the stress relaxation characteristics of the acrylic foam tape. They allow it to conform to surface irregularities, gaps or mismatch sections in the gutter of where LeafBlaster is installed.
8. Aesthetically pleasing result. Tape use eliminates unsightly snap-in gutter guard designs and screw heads. Surfaces remain clean and smooth.
9. Approved technology. Acrylic Foam Tape works perfectly with LeafBlaster-Connected-To-Gutter applications because of the similar use (metal to metal) that is already approved by automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide.
10. Tape acts as barrier between disimilar metals. If LeafBlaster is ever attached to a copper gutter, the tape (and the anodized aluminum extrusion of LeafBlaster) acts as a barrier between LeafBlaster and the copper gutter to eliminate chances of galvanic corrosion.
Starting on April 1st, all LeafBlaster Gutterguards will be fitted with the red tape unless otherwise specified.

Great News!

I just wanted to give you all an update that Gutterglove is making some positive headway in the media with our announcement of moving manufacturing from China back to the United States. In a time when our economy can hear some good news like this, it’s a nice feeling. Once our first shipment of Gutterglove that is Made in the USA is ready, we will be having special labels on our product line that disclose that. I’m sure you customers will want to know.

We have a 100,000 foot order (Gutterglove Pro Standard) in now with our Southern California partner and it will be ready in about a month.







I have a strong feeling that consumers will prefer to buy “Made In The USA” rather than “Made In China”, or some other country.

Here is a mug shot of me and the Southern California company that is making Gutterglove. I’m holding a 20 foot piece of Gutterglove! Check it out, if any of you dealers want to experiment with long pieces of Gutterglove, we will be able to provide 10 footers and 20 footers now! The shipping will probably be more, but you can calculate that in to see if that works for you. If you ever got a huge job with tons of straight runs, then maybe it makes sense for you to order 20 footers. Just a thought…

“Proudly Made In the USA”.


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