Micro-Mesh systems are composed of two basic parts, the filtering mesh and the frame that supports it. The mesh is generally made from either a type 304 or 316 stainless steel with the 316 being a higher quality surgical grade. The frame is made from either extruded aluminum, on the high end to plastic on the low end.  Micro-mesh systems are able to filter out the smallest debris, including shingle grit, which make them the most desirable type of gutter protection systems. Consumer Reports Magazine in September 2010 and May 2011 favored these type of gutter guard systems because of their ability to filter out debris and because, in most cases, handled the most amount of water without over shooting the gutters.

They work based on what is referred to as “water adhesion” or “capillary action”. Simply stated “capillary action” is water attaching to water. When the stainless steel micro-mesh is wet, water from the roof attaches to the water on the screen then simply falls into the gutter. For this to work properly, however, the aluminum frame must be in contact with the mesh at all times. This allows the water to follow a pathway downward into the gutter system.

Examples of Micro-Mesh gutter covers: Gutterglove, LeafFilter, MasterShield and LeafSolution.

The Gutterglove Micro-Mesh gutter guards rated the highest by Consumers Reports Magazine* September 2010 and May 2011 issues for for two specific reasons:

  • It shed the most debris in the test over 16 months
  • It was the only system that stood up to “Severe Flow”

*For the Consumers Report Comparison see the Gutter Guard Comparison section of this website

The reason Gutterglove works so well is because the developers of this amazing gutter guard, recognized that it must work in all conditions and in all types of weather. After seeing how different gutter guards performed in their commercial gutter cleaning business, they could see clearly the gutter guard must be durable and it must keep out all debris. To accomplish this they needed a mesh that would allow a lot of water, keep out all debris and still be strong enough to last 25 years or longer. They settled on 316 stainless steel surgical grade micro-screen that has over 8100 holes per square inch and an extruded anodized aluminum frame that is almost 1/8” thick.

Gutterglove Has The Heaviest Frame





Advantages of our thicker support frame:

  • Will never collapse inside your gutter.
  • Will never ‘droop’ down into your gutter.
  • Withstands heavy amounts of debris.
  • Will outlast ALL its competitors.
  • Shapes better to old warped and twisted roofs.
  • Holds its pitch over time so debris sheds always

Dis-Advantages of a thinner support frame:

  • Can collapse inside your gutter.
  • Can ‘droop’ down into your gutter and collect debris.
  • Cannot withstand heavy amounts of debris.
  • Shorter lifespan and may have to replace gutter guard.
  • Does not hold pitch well over time due to fragile construction





Advantages of Gutterglove’s Stainless Steel Mesh:

  • Stronger, rigid and more durable than others.
  • Highest fine density wire than any other fine mesh wire gutter guards.
  • Only allows dust and water to pass through.
  • Will outlast other wire mesh gutter guards.
  • More resistant to the weather elements.
  • Will take a heavier impact better.

Dis-Advantages of Other Stainless Steel Mesh Gutter Guards:

  • Tear’s easier. You can actually rip theirs with your bare hands.
  • Some mesh is so fragile, that it tears during the manufacturing process. You can see the mesh is torn and ripped in photos below.
  • Clogs from asphalt shingle petroleum oils on inside and simulated miters.
  • Easily damaged by heavier falling tree debris.
  • Shorter life span.

In our next article “Micro-Mesh Gutter Guard vs. Reverse Gutter Guards

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