Great News!

I just wanted to give you all an update that Gutterglove is making some positive headway in the media with our announcement of moving manufacturing from China back to the United States. In a time when our economy can hear some good news like this, it’s a nice feeling. Once our first shipment of Gutterglove that is Made in the USA is ready, we will be having special labels on our product line that disclose that. I’m sure you customers will want to know.

We have a 100,000 foot order (Gutterglove Pro Standard) in now with our Southern California partner and it will be ready in about a month.







I have a strong feeling that consumers will prefer to buy “Made In The USA” rather than “Made In China”, or some other country.

Here is a mug shot of me and the Southern California company that is making Gutterglove. I’m holding a 20 foot piece of Gutterglove! Check it out, if any of you dealers want to experiment with long pieces of Gutterglove, we will be able to provide 10 footers and 20 footers now! The shipping will probably be more, but you can calculate that in to see if that works for you. If you ever got a huge job with tons of straight runs, then maybe it makes sense for you to order 20 footers. Just a thought…

“Proudly Made In the USA”.


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